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Nokia Mobile Solution Pack




In this software application a variety of hardware solutions are given of selected Nokia phones. see "Given Solution" section to find the all given solution in this application.

Given Solution:
1202 Audio
1203 Blank Display or LCD solution
2323c Blutooth
2330c Charging and Speaker
3120c Charging
5800 Charger Not supporting
1662 Network
1650 Power
1680 All Solutions(Blue display, not Charging, Keypad, inser SIM, no Ring sound etc.)
2600c Charging
2610 Audio
2626 Keypad
2680s Hang solution
2700c Ringer
2760 SIM
6060 SIM
3110c Power
6300 HeadPhone
3120c LED
N81 Boot/dead solution

Nokia N-Gage & N-Gage QD solutions


Nokia N-Gage


Complete hardware solutions of Nokia N-GAGE and N-GAGE QD Phones. All solutions arre given in picture format with pointing out the solutions of pirticular hadrware problems like SIM, LCD, Power, Buzzer Keypad etc.

Given Solution for N-Gage phones:
Flash Address

Given Solutions for N-GAGE QD Phones:
Antenna Switch
Flash Address


China Mobiles Hardware Solutions


China Mobile


This collection contain the hardware solution images of all the China Mobiles phones.

Dual Sim ic ways
Mpeg4 Keypad
6300 sim repairv 6300 dual sim ic
No Power
Battery Low, Battery Temp
Sim ic Jumper
6300 Key ways, 6300 mic ways
6300 mmc ways, 6300 ringer
dual sim ic2
cgc, mpeg4 H.F

PIN configuration
hantel power ways
joyStik ways
k Touch mic ways, MT160 LCD
MT6318 Sim ways

Repair Disconnect Charger
RF3146 Send Shutdown, RF3146 Jumper
S3 H.F ways, S3 mic ways, S3 power button
S560 Ringer
PA 77056 Jumper

Sigmatel c668 H.F, Sprint S80 H.F, T99 Ringer
MT160 Charge, MT160 Speaker, Low mic Repair
MTK 6225 mic, MTK 6226 Ringer, MTK 6305 sim
MTK music ic, Nktel pa Jumper, MT 6305 TO VBT
MT 6305 Repair


Nokia BB5 Hardware solutions




This is a Collection of different Hardware solutions of Nokia BB5 phones. And also some utilities are also included in this collection like Flah Cable, LCD and Camera Compability Checker.
The following solutions are given:

Keypad IC Jumper, Key IC Jumper, Not Charging, Light Ways, Volume Key IC Jumper, Schematics.

LCD Contact Ways, Power Switch.

Buzzer, Audio, SMPS Solution, Antenna Switch, Charger, Display, Display IC, Power Key, Keypad IC, Light, MIC, Power SW, SIM, White Screen, Bluetooth, Charge Ways, Not Charging.

Charger, Display IC, Joystick, LCD, Signal, SIM, Audio, Power Switch.

On Off, White Screen, Camera, Charger, Keyboard, Display, LCD, MIC, MMC, Power Switch, Ringer, Blank LCD.

Charge Ways, No Network.

Display IC, Insert SIM, MIC, Bluetooth, Antenna Switch, Blank, Camera, Charger, Keyboard, Keypad.

Cameras Solutions, Battery IC, Charger 1,2,3, Keypad IC, MIC, Network, Signal, Offline, Power Switch, SD Failed, SIM, White Display, LED, Joystick, Front Camera, MMC, Blue Screen, Speaker Vibration, Power Key.

MIC, Charging, Display, Keypad, Keypad IC, MMC, Network, Ringer, White Screen, Light, MIC.

Charger, Display, MIC, On Off, Power Switch, Speaker.

Charger, Keypad, MIC, Keypad, SIM Ways.

White Display, Antenna Switch, Charger, Display IC, earphone, Keypad, Menu Key, Power, Speaker, Vibration and Buzzer, Joystick, Offline.

Local Mode, On Off, MIC.

Local Mode.

3110 Camera, MMC
3500 MIC
5500 Ringer, SIM
6120 Speaker
3131 Bluetooth
6131 & 6133 Bluetooth
6230 Bluetooth
N77 Charger
7373 MMC
5700 MIC
8600 SIM


All In One Siemens Schematics


Siemens Mobiles


This is the big collection of most Siemens Mobile's Schematics, and complete Circuit Layouts and diagrams to repair the mobiles. Circuit Diagrams images show each component information and pinout of mobile circuit.
Pinout like Crystal, Receiver, Charger, Ringer, Speaker, IC, RAM, Keypad, Testpoints, Input Output portions etc.

Given Models list:

A35/36/40, A50, A55, A65, A70, A75, AF51, AL21, AX75, C25, C30,
C35/M35/S35, C45, C55, C60, C65, C75, CF62, CF75, CF100, CX65,
CX70, CX75, EL71, M55, M65, M75, MC60, S35, S35i, S45, S55, S65,
S75, SK65, SL45, SL55, SL65, SL75, SX1 and SX45.


NEC 3G Unlock & IMEI


NEC Mobiles


NEC 3G phones can be unlocked by this software, And also you can Change the IMEI number of you NEC 3G phone. and some other features like Repair solutions etc. Using this software is very easy just open this software, select correct comm port where you attached the cable like Com1,2,3,5,4 etc., then click on "get phone button", if you got your phones information, its mean your nec phones is connected to the software without any problem then click on "Clear Sp lock" all is done.

Technical Features:

NEC 3G phones unlocker
NEC 3G IMEI changer
Repair 3G phones.

Working Phones:



NEC Mobiles Hardware solutions


NEC Mobiles


This Box contain NEC Phones Jumper settings and diagrams with solutions.

All IC's (Integrated Circuits) are clearly shown with good screen shot.

And all Electronic components can be viewed easily to solve problem.

Given Solutions:

* E228,E313 Network Signal loss and can not make call solution.
* E338 charge solution.
* E616/E616V Keyboard not works solution
* E616/E616V can not work with all SIM cards solution.
* E616V Bad Signal solution.


all lg software @ solutions

Download here....

LG 200 Deposit Files
LG 510w Deposit Files
LG 600 Deposit Files
LG A7150 Deposit Files
LG B1200 Deposit Files
LG B1300 Deposit Files
LG B2000 Deposit Files
LG B2050 Deposit Files
LG B2070 Deposit Files
LG B2100 Deposit Files
LG B2150 Deposit Files
LG B2250 Deposit Files
LG C1100 Deposit Files
LG C1150 Deposit Files
LG C1400 Deposit Files
LG C2100 Deposit Files
LG C2200 Deposit Files
LG C2500 Deposit Files
LG C3300 Deposit Files
LG C3310 Deposit Files
LG C3320 Deposit Files
LG C3380 Deposit Files
LG C3400 Deposit Files
LG C3600 Deposit Files
LG F1200 Deposit Files
LG F2100 Deposit Files
LG F2200 Deposit Files
LG F2300 Deposit Files
LG F2400 Deposit Files
LG F2410 Deposit Files
LG F3000 Deposit Files
LF F7100 Deposit Files
LG G1500 Deposit Files
LG G1600 Deposit Files
LG G1610 Deposit Files
LG G1800 Deposit Files
LG3100 Deposit Files
LG G5200/W5200 Deposit Files
LG G5220c Deposit Files
LG G5300 Deposit Files
LG G5400 Deposit Files
LG G5500/G7050 Deposit Files
LG G5600 Deposit Files
LG G7000 Deposit Files
LG G7020 Deposit Files
LG G7030 Deposit Files
LG G7070 Deposit Files
LG G7100 Deposit Files
LG G8000 Deposit Files
LG GB106 Deposit Files
LG GB110 Deposit Files
LG KC550 Deposit Files
LG KC560 Deposit Files
LG KC780 Deposit Files
LG KC910 Deposit Files
LG KE600 Deposit Files
LG KE770 Deposit Files
LG KE800 Deposit Files
LG KE850 Deposit Files
LG KE970 Deposit Files
LG KE990 Deposit Files
LG KF240 Deposit Files
LG KF300 Deposit Files
LG KF350 Deposit Files
LG KF510 Deposit Files
LG KF600 Deposit Files
LG KF700 Deposit Files
LG KF750/755 Deposit Files
LG KG110 Deposit Files
LG KG120 Deposit Files
LG KG130 Deposit Files
LG KG190 Deposit Files
LG KG195 Deposit Files
LG KG200 Deposit Files
LG KG210 Deposit Files
LG KG220 Deposit Files
LG KG225 Deposit Files
LG KG245 Deposit Files
LG KG270/MG160 Deposit Files
LG KG271/KG276 Deposit Files
LG KG280 Deposit Files
LG KG288 Deposit Files
LG KG290 Deposit Files
LG KG296 Deposit Files
LG KG300 Deposit Files
LG KG320 Deposit Files
LG KG370 Deposit Files
LG KG800/MG800c Deposit Files
LG KG810 Deposit Files
LG KG920 Deposit Files
LG KM380 Deposit Files
LG KM500 Deposit Files
LG KP105 Deposit Files
LG KP110 Deposit Files
LG KP152 Deposit Files
LG KP200 Deposit Files
LG KP202 Deposit Files
LG KP210 Deposit Files
LG KP220 Deposit Files
LG KP230 Deposit Files
LG KP260 Deposit Files
LG KP320 Deposit Files
LG KP500 Deposit Files
LG KS10 Deposit Files
LG KS20 Deposit Files
LG KS360 Deposit Files
LG KS660 Deposit Files
LG KU990 Deposit Files
LG L1100 Deposit Files
LG L3100 Deposit Files
LG L342i Deposit Files
LG M4410 Deposit Files
LG M6100 Deposit Files
LG P7200 Deposit Files
LG S5000 Deposit Files
LG S5100 Deposit Files
LG S5200 Deposit Files
LG T5100 Deposit Files
LG U8100 Deposit Files
LG U8110 Deposit Files
LG U8120 Deposit Files
LG U8130 Deposit Files
LG U8138 Deposit Files
LG U8180 Deposit Files
LG U8290 Deposit Files
LG U8330 Deposit Files
LG U8360 Deposit Files
LG U8380 Deposit Files
LG U8500 Deposit Files
LG U8550 Deposit Files
LG U880 Deposit Files
LG W3000 Deposit Files

New LG hardware solution (KG series)


LG Mobile

New collection of LG mobile phone's hardware solution. This software application containing about 7 mobile phone's solution like Restart problem, Keypad, Charging, SIM ways and MIC solution.

Given Solution:
KG 110 Restart
KG 245 Keypad
KG 195 Charging
KG 270 Charging
KG 210 Keypad
KG 800 keypad and MIC
KG 270 SIM Ways and Keypad


LG Service Manual/Schematics ~ at one place

BL Series
BL20 EN_BL20_SVC_ENG_091013
BL20e CH_BL20_SVC ENG_091013-fy
BL20DF EN_BL20df_SVC_ENG_100520
BL20v EN_BL20v_SVC_ENG_100421
BL40 EN_BL40_SVC_ENG_090826
BL40e EN_BL40e_SVC_CS_091116
BL40f EN_BL40f_SVC_ENG_0827
BL40g EN_BL40g_SVC_ENG_091110
BL42k EN_BL42k_SVC_ENG_091229

CB Series
CB630 EN_CB630_SVC_English_080828[1.0]

CE Series
CE110 EN_CE110_SVC_ENG_1022[1.0]

CF Series
CF360 EN_CF360_SVC_ENG_090105[1.0]
CF750 EN_CF750_SVC_ENG_090105[1.0]

CP Series
CP150 EN_CP150_SVC_ENG_0821[1.0]

CT Series
CT810 EN_CT810_SVC_ENG_081006[1.1]
CT815 EN_CT815_SVC_ENG_090529[1.0]

CU Series
CU400 EN_CU400_SVC_ENG_0719
CU405 EN_CU405_SVC_ENG_0515[1.0]
CU500 EN_CU500_SVC_ENG_0703[1.0]
CU515 EN_CU515_TU515_SVC_ENG_1106
CU575 EN_CU575_SVC_ENG_0903
CU720 EN_CU720_SVC_ENG_1120
CU920 EN_CU915_SVC_ENG_0422
CU920 EN_CU920_SVC_ENG_0422

FM Series
FM300 EN_FM300_SVC_ENG_110112

GB Series
GB100 EN_GB105 GB100 Service manual_1120
GB102 EN_GB102 Service manual_090320
GB105 EN_GB105 GB100 Service manual_1120
GB107 EN_GB107 Service manual_090119
GB108 EN_GB108 Service manual_090727
GB109 EN_GB109 Service manual_090703
GB115 EN_GB115 service manual 090814
GB125 EN_GB125_GB126 service manual_20090611
GB126 EN_GB125_GB126 service manual_20090611
GB130 EN_GB130 service manual
GB160 EN_GB160 service manual_091120
GB160a EN_GB160a service manual_091120
GB161 EN_GB161service manual_091125
GB165 EN_GB165 service manual_091125
GB170 EN_GB170 service manual_090813
GB175 EN_GB175 service manual_090821
GB190 EN_GB190_service_manual_090902
GB195 EN_GB195 service manual_20100111
GB210 EN_GB210 SVC ENG_090119[1.0]
GB220 EN_GB220_SVC ENG_090713
GB230 EN_GB230_SVC ENG_090603[1.0]
GB250 EN_GB250_SVC ENG_090316[1.0]
GB255 EN_GB255_SVC ENG_090731
GB258 CH_GB258_SVC CS_090624
GB270 EN_GB270 service manual-090610
GB280 EN_GB280_SVC_ENG_100223

GC Series
GC900 EN_GC900_SVC ENG_090517[1.0]
GC900e CH_GC900e_SVC_CS_091027
GC900F EN_GC900F_SVC ENG_090701

GD Series
GD310 EN_GD310_SVC_ENG_091112
GD330 EN_GD330_SVC ENG_090417
GD335 EN_GD335_SVC ENG_090922
GD350 EN_GD350_SVC ENG_100107
GD510 EN_GD510_SVC_ENG_091016
GD550 EN_GD550_SVC ENG_100421
GD570 EN_GD570_SVC_ENG_100615
GD580 EN_GD580_SVC_ENG_091124
GD880 EN_GD880_SVC_ENG_100323
GD888 CH_GD888_SVC_CHN_20100805
GD900 EN_GD900_SVC_ENG_090624
GD910 EN_GD910_SVC_ENG_100826

GM Series
GM200 EN_GM200_SVC ENG_090610[1.1]
GM205 EN_GM205_SVC_ENG_090610
GM210 EN_GM210_SVC_ENG_090407[1.0]
GM310 EN_GM310_SVC_ENG_090518[1.0]
GM360 EN_GM360_SVC_ENG_100624
GM360i EN_GM360i_SVC_ENG_100624
GM600 EN_GM600_SVC_ENG_100416
GM650s CH_GM650s Service Manual
GM730 EN_GM730_GM735_SVC_ENG_091112
GM730E EN_GM730E_SVC_CS_091117
GM735 EN_GM730_GM735_SVC_ENG_091112
GM750 EN_GM750_SVC_ENG_090924

GR Series
GR500 EN_GR500_SVC_ENG_090331[1.0]
GR700 EN_GR700_SVC_ENG_100414

GS Series
GS102 EN_GS102_SVC_ENG_100224
GS105 EN_GS105_SVC_ENG_100317
GS106 EN_GS106_SVC_ENG_100224
GS107 EN_GS107_SVC_ENG_100224
GS107a EN_GS107a_SVC_ENG_100208
GS107b EN_GS107b_SVC_ENG_100317
GS108 EN_GS108_SVC_ENG_100105
GS117 EN_GS117_SVC_ENG_100224
GS155 EN_EN_GS155_SVC_ENG_100204
GS155b EN_GS155b_SVC_ENG_100518
GS170RD EN_GS170RD_SVC_ENG_100617
GS190 EN_GS190 service manual_090918
GS200 EN_GS200_service_manual_091009
GS205 EN_GS205_service_manual_100401
GS290 EN_GS290_SVC_ENG_100308
GS390GO EN_GS390GO_SVC_ENG_100428
GS500 EN_GS500_SVC_ENG_100324
GS500v EN_GS500_GS500V_SVC_ENG_100324
GS500f EN_GS500f_SVC_ENG_100503
GS500V EN_GS500_GS500V_SVC_ENG_100324

GT Series
GT350 EN_GT350_SVC_ENG_100517
GT350i EN_GT350i_SVC_ENG_100609
GT360 EN_GT360_SVC_ENG_090512
GT365 EN_GT365_SVC_ENG_090408[1.0]
GT370 EN_GT370_SVC_ENG_100629
GT400 EN_GT400_SVC_ENG_100401
GT405 EN_GT405_SVC_ENG_100610
GT500 EN_GT500_GT505_SVC_ENG_090702
GT500s EN_GT500S_SVC_ENG_090702
GT505 EN_GT500_GT505_SVC_ENG_090702
GT540 EN_GT540_SVC_ENG_100628
GT810h EN_GT810h_SVC_ENG_090519[1.0]

GU Series
GU200 EN_GU200_SVC_ENG_100701
GU200a EN_GU200a_SVC_ENG_100617
GU220 EN_GU220_SVC_ENG_100204
GU230 EN_GU230_SVC_ENG_091030
GU280 EN_GU280_GU285_SVC_ENG_091006
GU282 EN_GU282_SVC_ENG_100504
GU285 EN_GU280_GU285_SVC_ENG_091006
GU285g EN_GU285g_SVC_ENG_100128
GU290f EN_GU290f_SVC_ENG_100629
GU290v EN_GU290v_SVC_ENG_100920
GU292 EN_GU292_SVC_ENG_100614.pdf
GU295 EN_GU295_SVC_ENG_100614

GW Series
GW300 EN_GW300_SVC_ENG_0814
GW305 EN_GW305_SVC_ENG_100616
GW370 EN_GW370_SVC_ENG_100730
GW382f EN_GW382f_SVC_ENG_100908
GW520 EN_GW520_SVC_ENG_090817
GW525 EN_GW525_SVC_ENG_0819
GW550 EN_GW550_Service_Manual_1028
GW620 EN_GW620_SVC_ENG_091203
GW620F EN_GW620R_GW620F_SVC_ENG_091217
GW620R EN_GW620R_GW620F_SVC_ENG_091217
GW820 EN_GW820_SVC_ENG_091127
GW825 EN_GW825_SVC_ENG_091202
GW825v EN_GW825v_SVC_ENG_100419
GW880 EN_GW880_SVC_Manual_CH_100222

GX Series
GX200 EN_GX200_service_manual_20091210
GX300 EN_GX300_SVC_ENG_100512
GX500 EN_GX500_SVC_ENG_100326[1.0]

HB Series
HB620/T EN_HB620(T)-KB620_SVC_ENG_0620

KB Series
KB770 EN_KB770_SVC_ENG_1121
KB775f EN_KB775f_SVC_ENG_090427[1.0]

KC Series
KC550 EN_KC550_SVC_ENG_0528
KC560 EN_KC560_SVC_ENG_081107[1.0]
KC780 EN_KC780_SVC_ENG_090105
KC910 CH_KC910_SVC CS_090304
KC910Q EN_KC910Q_SVC_ENG_090122[1.0]

KD Series
KD877 EN_KD877_Service_Manual_0330

KF Series
KF240 CH_KF240 SVC CS_0523
KF240d EN_KF240d_SVC_ENG_0415
KF240T EN_KF240T_SVC_ENG_0515
KF245c EN_KF245c_SVC_ENG_0423
KF300 EN_KF300_SVC_ENG_0422
KF300e CH_KF300e SVC CS_0605[1.0]
KF301 EN_KF301_service_manual_20100311
KF305 EN_KF305_SVC_ENG_100203
KF310 EN_KF310_SVC_ENG_080516
KF311 EN_KF310_KF311_SVC_ENG_080516
KF350 EN_KF350_SVC_ENG_081008[1.0]
KF390 EN_KF390_SVC_ENG_080627
KF510 EN_KF510_KF510c-d_SVC_ENG_0516
KF600 EN_KF600d_SVC_ENG_080218
KF690 EN_KF690_SVC_ENG_0813
KF700 EN_KF700_SVC_ENG(1.1)_0528
KF701 EN_KF701_SVC_ENG_0318
KF750 EN_KF750-755c_SVC_ENG_0529[1.0]
KF755d EN_KF755d_SVC_ENG_0529[1.0]
KF757 EN_KF757_SVC_ENG_081106[1.0]
KF758 CH_KF758 SVC CS _0617_chinese_1.0
KF900 EN_KF900 SVC ENG_1121

KG Series
KG110 EN_KG110_Eng_SVC-final_0811
KG120 EN_KG120_SVC_MAL_060929
KG129 EN_KG129_SVC_Manual
KG130 EN_KG130_SVC_Mannual_English_20070601
KG195 EN_KG195_SVC_ENG_0928
KG200 EN_KG200_SVC_ENG_061115
KG208 CH_KG208 Service Manual_final
KG225 EN_KG225_SVC_ENG_0403[1.0]
KG245 RU_KG245_SVC_RUS_060529[1.0]
KG270 EN_KG270_SVC_ENG_0719
KG271 EN_KG271-KG276_SVC_ENG_0719
KG276 EN_KG271_KG276_SVC_ENGLISH_070618[1.0]
KG278 CH_KG278_SVC_CS_0719
KG280 EN_MG280_KG280_SVC_ENG_0821
KG285 EN_KG285_SVC_ENG_1019
KG288 EN_KG288_SVC_ENG_1001
KG289 CH_KG289_SVC_CS_1019
KG290 EN_KG290_KG291_SVC_ENG_1015[1.0]
KG296 RU_KG296_SVC_RUS_080125
KG298 CH_KG298_SVC_CS_071113[1.0]
KG300 EN_KG300_SVC_ENG_061115
KG370 EN_MG370_KG370_SVC_ENG_1115
KG376 EN_KG376_SVC_ENG_0922
KG70 CH_KG70_SVC_China_0409
KG70c EN_KG70c_Service_Manual_final
KG77 CH_KG77_SVC_CS_0719
KG800 EN_KG800_MG800C_SVC_ENG_0719[1.1]
KG810 EN_KG810_SM_English_060516
KG920 EN_KG920_SM_English_060516

KM Series
KM330 EN_KM330_KM335_service_manual_090226
KM380 EN_KM380_SVC_ENG_0516
KM380c EN_KM380c_SVC_ENG_0516
KM380d EN_KM380d_SVC_ENG_0516
KM380T EN_KM380T_SVC_ENG_0522
KM385d EN_KM385d_SVC_ENG_0522
KM386c EN_KM386c_SVC_ENG_0613
KM500 EN_KM500_SVC_ENG_080221[1.0]
KM500d EN_KM500d_SVC_ENG_080218
KM501 EN_KM501_SVC_ENG_0514[1.0]
KM553 EN_KM553_SVC_ENG_101109
KM555 EN_KM555_SVC_ENG_091207
KM555g EN_KM555g_SVC_ENG_100518
KM555R EN_KM555R_SVC_ENG_100210
KM570 EN_KM570_SVC_ENG_100405
KM710 EN_KM710_SVC_ENG_0523
KM710c EN_KM710cSVC_ENG_0523
KM710d EN_KM710d_SVC_ENG_0523
KM900 EN_KM900_SVC_ENG_090227[1.0]
KM900f EN_KM900F_SVC_ENG_090303[1.0]
KM900e CH_KM900_SVC_CS_090429

KP Series
KP100 EN_KP100 SVC ENG_0311
KP105 EN_KP105-106b_SVC_ENG_0311
KP105a EN_KP105a_SVC_ENG_080115
KP106a EN_KP105a-106aSVC_ENG_0221
KP107 EN_KP107 SVC ENG_0922
KP107a EN_KP107a SVC ENG_0423
KP107b EN_EN_KP107B_SVC_ENG_100426
KP109a EN_KP109a SVC ENG_090820
KP109b EN_KP109b SVCENG_090820
KP110 EN_KP110_SVC_ENG_080222[1.0]
KP115a EN_KP115a SVC ENG_0509[1.0]
KP130 EN_KP130 SVC ENG_0430[1.0]
KP135 EN_KP135_SVC_ENG_0523[1.0]
KP150Q EN_KP150Q SVC ENG_0917[1.0]
KP151Q EN_KP151Q SVC ENG_080923[1.0]
KP152Q EN_KP152Q_SVC_ENG_080923[1.0]
KP160 CH_KP160_SVC_CS_0701
KP168 KP168_svc manual_ver1.0_ENG_090728
KP169 KP169 SVC Mannual_ENG_091007
KP170 EN_KP175_KP170 SVC ENG_0731
KP175 EN_KP175_KP170 SVC ENG_0731
KP180 CH_KP180_SVC_Manual_CHN_101108
KP199 EN_KP199 service manual[1.0]
KP200 EN_KP200_SVC_ENGLISH_070611[1.0]
KP202 EN_KP202_SVC_ENG_0719
KP210 EN_KP210_215_SVC_ENG_080218
KP220 EN_KP220_English_1.0_SM
KP233 EN_KP233_SVC_ENG_0429
KP235 EN_KP235_KP230_SVC_ENG_0311
KP260 EN_KP260_KP265_SVC_ENG_080813
KP265 EN_KP260_KP265_SVC_ENG_080813
KP270 EN_KP270 SVC ENG_081010[1.0]
KP275 EN_EN_KP275_KP275c SVC ENG_1126
KP293i EN_KP293i SVC ENG_0620_1.0
KP330 EN_KP330_SVC ENG_090106[1.0]
KP500 EN_KP500_SVC_ENG_081031
KP501 EN_KP501 SVC ENG_081031
KP502 EN_KP502_KP550_SVC ENG_090602[1.0]
KP505 EN_KP505 SVC ENG_081031
KP550 EN_KP502_KP550_SVC ENG_090602[1.0]

KS Series
KS10 EN_KS10_SVC_ENG_0719[1.0]
KS20 EN_KS20_SVC_ENG_1123[1.0]
KS360 EN_KS360_SVC_ENG_0814
KS365 EN_KS365_SVC_ENG_100409
KS500 EN_KS500_SVC_ENG_081007[1.0]
KS660 EN_KS660_SVC_ENG_091201[1.0]

KT Series

KT520 EN_KT520_SVC_ENG_0624[1.0]
KT525 EN_KT525_SVC_ENG_0617[1.0]
KT610 EN_KT610_SVC_ENG_0611[1.0]
KT615 EN_KT615_SVC_ENG_081023[1.0]
KT878 CH_KT878_service_manual

KU Series

KU310 EN_KU310_SVC_ENG_0719
KU311 EN_KU311_SVC_ENG_061019[1.0]
KU380 EN_KU380_SVC_ENG_1206[1.0]
KU450 EN_KU450-U450_SVC_ENG_0719
KU580 EN_KU580_SVC_ENG_0822
KU730 EN_KU730_SVC_ENGLISH_040725
KU800 EN_KU800_SVC_ENG_061109[1.0]
KU950 EN_KU950_SVC_ENG_061205[1.0]
KU970 EN_U970_KU970_SVC_ENG_0419[1.0]
KU990 EN_U990_KU990_SVC_ENG_1105
KU990i EN_KU990i_SVC_ENG_0406
KU990R EN_KU990R_SVC_ENG_080611

L Series

L01B EN_L-01B_SVC_ENG_100223
L01C EN_L-01C_SVC_ENG_101214
L02B EN_L-02B_SVC_ENG_091221
L02C EN_L-02C_SVC_ENG_101209
L03A EN_L-03A_SVC_ENG_090305
L03B EN_L-03B_SVC_ENG_100304
L03C EN_L-03C_SVC_ENG_110110
L04A EN_L-04A_SVC%20ENG_0714.pdf
L04B EN_L-04B_SVC_ENG_100614
L06A EN_L-06A_SVC_ENG_090709
L601i EN_L601i_SVC_ENG_061030[1.0]
L602i EN_L602i_SVC_ENG_0628
L704i EN_L704i SVC ENG_1001[1.0]
L705i EN_L705i_SVC_ENG_080117[1.0]
L706ie EN_L706ie_SVC_ENG_0721
L852i EN_L852i_SVC_ENG_080528

LU Series
LU1400 KR_LU1400_Service_Manual
LU1600 KR_LG-LU1600_SVC_MANUAL_081204
LU2100 KR_LG-LU2100_SManual
LU2300 JP_LG-LU2300_S_Manual
LU2700 KR_LU2700_Smanual
LU3000 KR_LG-LU3000_Smanual
LU3100 EN_LU3100_S_Manual
LU3700 KR_LU3700_Smanual
LU4300 KR_LU4300_S_Manual
LU4500 KR_LG-LU4500V1_1
LU6300 KR_LGLU6300_SVC_manual
LU9000 KR_[LG-LU9000_S_Manual
LU9100 KR_LG-LU9100_SVC_Manual
LU9400 KR_LG-LU9400_SvcManual

LGA Series
LG A110 EN_LG-A110_SVC_ENG_100901
LG A120 EN_LG-A120_service_manual_20100707
LG A130 EN_A130_SVC_ENG_100721
LG A155 EN_LG-A155_SVC_ENG_101027
LG A160 EN_LG-A160_SVC_ENG_101202
LG A165 EN_LG-A165_SVC_ENG_101001
LG A310 EN_LG-A310_SVC_ENG_101008

LGC Series
LG C100 EN_LG-C100_SVC_ENG_100810
LG C105 EN_LG-C105_SVC_ENG_100908
LG C300 EN_LG-C300_SVC_CS_101215
LGC305 EN_LG-C305_SVC_ENG_101025
LG C310 EN_LG-C310_SVC_ENG_101012
LG C320 EN_LG-C320_SVC_ENG_101101
LG C320i EN_LG-C320i_SVC_ENG_101108
LG C570 EN_LG-C570_Service_Manual__ENG_1012
LG C710h EN_LG-C710h_SVC_ENG_100809
LG C900 EN_LG-C900_SVC_ENG_101102
LG C900b EN_LG-C900b_SVC_ENG_101105
LG C900k EN_LG-C900k_SVC_ENG_101105

LGP Series
LG P500 EN_LG-P500_SVC_ENG_101008
LG P500h EN_LG-P500h_SVC_ENG_101011
LG P503 EN_LG-P503_SVC_ENG_101008
LGP 509 EN_LG-P509_SVC_ENG_101008
LGP 520 EN_LG-P520_SVC_ENG_101008
LGP 525 EN_LG-P525_SVC_ENG_101210

LGT Series
LG T300 EN_T300_SVC_ENG_100820
LG T310 EN_LG-T310_SVC_ENG_100825
LG T310i EN_LG-T310i_SVC_ENG_100913
LG T320 EN_LG-T320_SVC_ENG_100820
LG T325 EN_LG-T325_SVC_ENG_101012

LGX Series
LG X330 EN_X330_SVC_Manual

SU Series
SU100 KR_SU100_Service_MANUAL_081105
SU130 KR_SU130_S_Manual
SU200 KR_SU200_KU2000_MANUAL
SU210 KR_LG-SU210_KU2100_Smanual
SU370 KR_SKU_370_Smanual
SU420 KR_LG-SU420_SVC_Manual
SU430 KR_SU430_KU4300_S_Manual
SU550 KR_LG-SU550_SManual
SU630 KR_LGSU630_SVC_manual
SU660 KR_SU660S_Manual
SU900 KR_SKU900_SManual
SU910 KR_LG-SU910_KU9100_S_Manual
SU920 KR_SU920_KU9200_SManual
SU950 KR_SU950_KU9500_SManual
SU960 KR_LG-SKU960_Smanual

TB Series
TB200 EN_TB200_Service_Manual_CH
TB260 CH_TB260_Service_Manual

TE Series
TE365 EN_TE365_SVC_ENG_090226

TU Series
TU330 EN_TU330_SVC_ENG_090203
TU500 EN_TU500_SVC_ENG_0703
TU550 EN_TU550_SVC_ENG_0719
TU575 EN_TU575_SVC_ENG_1019
TU750 EN_TU750_SVC_ENG_090105

U Series
U250 EN_U250-KU250_SVC_ENG_0627
U300 EN_U300_SVC_English_060619
U310 EN_U310_SVC_ENG_061018
U370 EN_EN_U370 SVC ENG_080117
U400 EN_U400_SVC_ENG_0713
U830 EN_U830(KU830)_SVC_ENG_1129
U880 EN_U880_U880C_SM_English_051117
U890 EN_U890_U890C_SVC_English_060410
U900 EN_U900_SM_English_060516
U960 EN_U960_SVC_ENG_0626[1.0]
U970 EN_U970_KU970_SVC_ENG_0419[1.0]
U990 EN_U990_KU990_SVC_ENG_1105

U8XX Series
U8100 LG_U8100_SVC_English
U8110 LG_U8110_SM
U8120 LG_U8120_SM_English_040717
U8130 LG_U8130_English_SVC_041021
U8138 U8138 SVC English 1129
U8150 U8150_English_SM_040920
U8180 U8180_SM_English_0325
U8290 U8290_SM_English_050810
U8330 U8330_SM_English_050427
U8360 U8360_SVC_English_050630
U8380 U8380_SVC_ENG_0712
U8500 U8500_SVC_English_060220
U8550 U8550_SM_English_051103

VX Series
VX5500 EN_VX5500_Service_Manual_081121
VX7100 EN_VX7100_Service_Manual_V0.2_20090518
VX8350 EN_VX8350_Service_manual_070809_final
VX8500 EN_VX8500_ServiceManual_04.12
VX8550 EN_VX8550_B_R SVC
VX8560 EN_VX8560_SVC_Final_0623
VX8575 EN_VX8575_Service_Manual_090909
VX8610 EN_VX8610 Service Manual_20080521
VX8800 EN_VX8800_Service_manual_V1.0_Final_071019
VX9100 EN_VX9100_Service_Manual_080523
VX9200 EN_VX9200_Service_manual_090526
VX9400 lgvx9400.rar
VX9700 EN_VX9700_SVC
VX9900 lgvx9900.rar
VX11000 EN_VX11K_Service_Manual_0430

LGE Series

LG E500 EN_LG-E500_SVC_ENG_101215
LG E720 EN_LG-E720_SVC_ENG_101027
LG E900 EN_LG-E900_SVC_ENG_101130
LG E900h EN_LG-E900h_SVC_ENG_100929