China Mobiles Hardware Solutions


China Mobile


This collection contain the hardware solution images of all the China Mobiles phones.

Dual Sim ic ways
Mpeg4 Keypad
6300 sim repairv 6300 dual sim ic
No Power
Battery Low, Battery Temp
Sim ic Jumper
6300 Key ways, 6300 mic ways
6300 mmc ways, 6300 ringer
dual sim ic2
cgc, mpeg4 H.F

PIN configuration
hantel power ways
joyStik ways
k Touch mic ways, MT160 LCD
MT6318 Sim ways

Repair Disconnect Charger
RF3146 Send Shutdown, RF3146 Jumper
S3 H.F ways, S3 mic ways, S3 power button
S560 Ringer
PA 77056 Jumper

Sigmatel c668 H.F, Sprint S80 H.F, T99 Ringer
MT160 Charge, MT160 Speaker, Low mic Repair
MTK 6225 mic, MTK 6226 Ringer, MTK 6305 sim
MTK music ic, Nktel pa Jumper, MT 6305 TO VBT
MT 6305 Repair


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