Palm Pre Plus Lock to AT&T Success Unlock Via USB

Palm Pre Plus Success Unlock Via USB

I Follow This Procedure!
Palm Pre2, Palm Pre & Pixi Unlock Instructions
Run the unlock client from “START > Multi Unlock Client > Unlock Client”, you will also need to enter your username
and password and click “save login data” and make sure “main Server” is selected under the settings tab, make sure
you click “Save Login Data”
NOTE: Pix, pre & Pre2 require different credits; please insure your account has the required service active for the type
of phone you are trying to unlock.
1. On the phone enter “Diag Mode”
a. On your Palm Pre go to ‘Device Info’, write down the 12 digit serial number (please remember it is case
b. Enter the serial number into the calculator “START > Multi Unlock Client > Pre Pass Through Keygen”
(exactly the same if you have a pixi ot a pre)
c. Go to the phone app on your palm pre or pixi
d. Start typing #*8727277# and press DIAL as if trying to call this number
e. Enter the code from the ‘Pre Pass Through Keygen’ and click ‘validate’ (if requested)
f. In the window that appears, select “Configure USB pass-through”
g. Set DIAG for USB Port 1
h. Connect your Phone to the PC using USB cable.
i. If/when prompted by the phone select “Just Charge”
2. You need to install drivers when the new hardware found message dialog appears on your PC
(see page4 for more info)
a. When asked if you would like windows to search for a driver, select “No not this time”, Then select
“Install from a list or specific location”, then click “Next”
b. Then select “Search for the best driver in these locations”, then check “Include the following location”
c. on the next screen click on “Browse”
d. Browse to “C:\Program Files\Multi Unlock Client\Palm Pre\Drivers” or “C:\Program Files\Multi
Unlock Client\Palm Pixi\Drivers” depending on the phone you are unlocking.
e. Click “Next” and the wizard will install the drivers
f. Once the drivers are installed, Unplug & replug phone, click “OK” on the unlock client dialog box.
3. Unplug & Replug Phone to USB cable.
4. Select Palm Tab, and replug phone.
5. Now to Unlock Your Phone
a. When the software tells you that “you may proceed”.
b. Click “Unlock” , the software will now unlock your phone
c. Where possible the blocked counters will be reset.

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