New mobileEx_setup_v3.4_rev1.8(20110109)

v3.4 revision 1.8, Public-Release

Added, Credit Convertion Dialog on 'Check Credit' (you can convert for FREE your DCT4 credits and BB5 credits into SL3 credits)

- NK
Added, XGOLD213 devices(RM-607,RM-608,RM-643,RM-644 etc) usb flashing support (dead/alive) [WF]
Added, XGOLD101,XGOLD110 IMEI backup/restore
Added, XGOLD101,XGOLD110 IMEI auto backup on safeflash
Added, Battery voltage information during scan phone in usb mode
Added, Use Dictionary option for GPU bruteforcer(using salt.dic as salt sequence)
Fixed, GPU bruteforcer hang at 99% if random salt is selected
Fixed, Phone Generation filtering
Fixed, Error read/write bug on usb flashing process
Improved Features compability between usb/flasher interface
Improved Broadcomm Usb Flashing
Automated XGOLD phone detection
Revised XGOLD flashing protocol


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