About Unlocking Android Phones

Here is all available android phones list with how to unlock

Android by HTC

HTC Dream
HTC Magic
HTC Hero
HTC Tattoo
HTC Legend
HTC Desire
HTC Incredible
HTC Google Nexus One

All these phone can be unlocked by Factory unlock codes Only. No Direct Unlock Solution or Free Unlock solution for now.
Some of these phones can be unlocked by JTAG, Connect Jig to phone
Read DUMP area. soft will read/calculate code.
Some phone supports code reading via USB. Search for it for more info.
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Android by Samsung

Samsung i7500 Galaxy
Samsung i5700 Galaxy Spica
Samsung i8520 Beam
Samsung 6500U Galaxy
Samsung T939 Behold 2
Samsung T959
Samsung I897
Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Red Marked phones can be unlocked for free. ..
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All these phone can be unlocked by Factory Code. some can be unlocked by using 3rd party paid software.

if you are using any third party software to unlock this phone. please only discuss in respective section.

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