blackberry bold 9000 red light blinking solution..

try this..
1.Run Loader.exe (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader)
Klik Next
Plug USB to Blackberry, then appear Unknown PIN, make quick press Next...
now you can upgrade your blackberry...
don't forget use full battery..

2.You need two files to get it to "no application"
1. Loader.exe/cpf.exe/hahanew.exe
2. MFI-19441.023

Execute as follows:
loader -u load MFI-19441-023

Then you should be able to run desktop manager to re-install the OS.

1 Response to "blackberry bold 9000 red light blinking solution.."

  1. Hi guyz, after a long trial over trial without results, i simply downloaded a new desktop manager
    version 4.6 as against the version 6 i had before on separate systems though.

    Then, i downgraded my IOS. this solved my problem, then i simply just restored my earlier backup taken.

    Now my BB is UP and Running.... Cheers guyz