Public discussion about Fenix Key SL3 Unlocker (SLAP)

Fenix Key SL3 SLAP Client v1.0

FOR FREE !!! NO LOGS, NO ACTIVATIONS - dont waste your money !!!


- Supported UFS & JAF interface
- Whole application is split into server and client, then you can put server for example in home and connect into it from any place
- No calculation power wasting, you can give access into server for customers\friends by simple create account with password and any amount of logs inside as you want

Supported hashes:


Supported models:

2690 (RM-635)
2700 Classic (RM-561)
2700c-2 (RM-561)
2730 Classic (RM-578)
2730c-1b (RM-579)
3600 Slide (RM-352)
3720 Classic (RM-518)
3720c-2 (RM-518)
5130 (RM-495)
5130c-2 (RM-495)
5130 XpressMusic (RM-495)
5310 XpressMusic (RM-303)
5730s (RM-465)
5730s-1 XpressMusic (RM-465)
5800d-1 (RM-356)
6300 (RM-217)
6303 Classic (RM-443)
6500 Slide (RM-240)
6500 Classic (RM-265)
E63 (RM437)
E71-1 (RM-346)
N97-1 (RM-505)
N97-1 N97i (RM-505)
N97-3 (RM-507)
N97-4 (RM-555)
N97-4 mini (RM-55)

1. Required hardware: ATI Radeon HD 5xxx or Nvidia CUDA graphic card
2. Recommended hardware: HD 5850, HD 5870 or HD 5970
3. High hardware system: TWO Dual HD 5970

On Nvidia CUDA GPU graphic cards, price of card over performance is not the best one, so we NOT recommend to use Nvidia CUDA cards.
But, if you have to much money and want to throw away some money,
our software also support this cards too.

About Bruteforce Unlocking times (this is a typical time, please do not take this as constant time):

ATI HD 5850: ~55 hours
ATI HD 5870: ~43 hours
ATI HD 5970: ~24 hours
Dual ATI HD 5970: ~12 hours

Now, with SL3 Local Bruteforce and Fenix Key, Time Control is IN YOUR HANDS. Of course, depends on how many phones you have to unlock and how much you want to spend on hardware.

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