How to Unlock iPhone 4


The iPhone is all great and easy to use and the updates sent out by Apple from time to time are more than welcome. iTunes will automatically create backup of your iPhone apps and games and you can take backups at any time you want. This all sounds good as long you have a few apps and games, but if you frequently find yourself connecting to your iPhone more, you will want to use a large number of apps and games. Synchronization and using apps and games across multiple devices becomes a problem if the status of your iPhone changes rapidly. It is very easy to accumulate hundreds of apps and games in your iPhone within a short duration. Every time you make changes to your iPhone, you can't always find a computer nearby to synchronize with iTunes. If you have jailbroken your iPhone, you are fortunate as a jailbreak iPhone 4 app is now available to synchronize your iPhone data directly with your DropBox account. This makes your apps and games to be available universally. DataDepost app works great by saving your apps and games information directly as a folder in your DropBox account. You can find all the apps and games as subfolders when you open your DropBox account. So, you can play the same game across several iDevices without having to start all over again. You should try using DataDepost app as this is available for free from the cydia store right now

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