BB5 Contact Service, Restart Problem,How To Erase BB5, Restore PM and RPL Backup!!!

Hi to all,
I saw here many times peoples are having with this "Contact Service or Provider" problem and also unable to Write or Restore the Orignal backup to the Phone.
Stanner's alreday Posted abt it all in his own F.A.Q but i dont know why the peoples does not follow Stanner's Instructions.

I just follow Him (stanner) and learned how to repair BB5 Contact Service/Retailer, how to erase BB5 and Restore PM and RPL Backup!!!

Now we shall more reflect upon this matter;

- How To Remove Contact Service or Provider ?

Firstly we should get Phone Info and see Imei and SL (Sim Lock) Zone are damaged or Not.

Get Phone Info:

In Case when you got Damaged Imei: 123456789012345 and you dont have Orignal RPL Backup then free way is try to solve this problem by downgrading if Imei and SP Data is still damage, then Upgrade it back and you must need to buy an new RPL to fix this problem. Use ASK to RPL Service.

In Case when Phone Imei is oK but Only SL Zone is damaged and you don't have Orignal PM 308 backup then wat to do.

If Courpted SP Data looks like this below:

Provider: Unknown provider

And phone is supported for Unlocking, then you can try to Repair it free with any BB5 Unlocker by Unlock Button or with Repair SP Data Option. (It should Repair) Otherewise you may need to New RPL.

And If Courpted SP Data looks like this:

CONFIG KEY: 0000000000000000
PROVIDER KEY: 0000000000000000
Provider: Unknown provide

Then you must need to buy an New RPL whether Phone is supported with any BB5 Unlocker. We can not Repair it free, Use Ask To Rpl Service.

In Case when you have RPL Backup and have not PM 308, you can only Restore the Phone Imei but you can not Repair the Courpted SP Data like this: PROVIDER KEY: 0000000000000000, Provider: Unknown provide

In Case when you have PM 308 backup and have not RPL, you can Repair SP Data but you can not Repair Phone Imei by only PM 308 backup. Use ASK To RPL Service.

In Case when Phone Imei and SL Zone both are OK but phone is still on Contact Service/Provider.

First take Self Test and check ST Security Test is Passed or Failed?
If Passed then do File System Formate and after that make Factory Setting and see problem is solved or not, if still same then check phone hardware.

And if ST Security Test is Failed then Write PM Field [1] And [309] as stanner said, (or full pm as you wish) by using SX4 Auth Service and after that make Factory Setting. Oftenly Phone can Repair by Downgrading
and Writing RPL.
Then Write PM With SX4 if same then Update back and See problem is Solved or not. (It should work now!) otherwise try to repair it by erasing method.

- How To Remove Restart Problem when Phone Imei is oK but Phone goes to Restart or Shut Off after a while.

In this case first try to solve this problem by only Write Full Modified (Without 308 Field) PM With SX4 Auth.
Use SX4 and when it done Successfully then immediately Write supported full modified PM to the phone and check phone without MMC, problem is fixed or not, if not then Full Flash and after that Write PM with SX4, or try to solve by Downgrading.
Oftenly Restart problem is removed by only do File System Format and Factory Default. (Check phone without MMC)

Otherwise there is only one way is left to Repair it with Software and that is Erase Flash (Rap), to start the Erasing Procedure,
Follow this given below Method:

Before Start Erasing Flash, Save your both backup PM 308 and RPL backup (CRT 308 and CRT BKP)

If you are going to do erase newer BB5 + (Plus) Phone then you must Save also Full PM 0 to 400 Backup, coz you will need it for restore the orignal field 308, this is really fast easy and perfect way to restore the PM 308 Field, otherwise you may need to buy an new RPL.
So be careful. . .

Now we are ready to do erase.

Select UNI_rapido.bin in Mcu Part and click to Flash
and for MT Select uni_rap.bin as MCU.

when phone will fully erased then Phone Imei will be: 12345610654321, SP Area will damaged and

Now Full flash with any Firmware ver but selected firmware should be not too Old or too New, coz we may need it in another case.

After Flash when phone will turn On, you will get
damaged IMEI: 12345610654321 and Courpted SP Area:
PROVIDER KEY: 0000000000000000, Provider: Unknown provide

Now first of all you have to Restore the Orignal backup of PM 308, in case when you are unable to restore the PM 308 backup then flash again with same FW when you were take backup.
When it flash successfully then plz stay a min and write it (PM 308) back to the phone, now
Disconnect phone, connect it again and see SL Zone is Repaired or Not.
(It should be repair now), if not then flash again with same FW and restore the PM 308 backup.

But if you have Full PM 0-400 backup then no need to Flash again, just Write it (Full PM 0-400 backup) back to the phone without SX4, when it done successfully then remove cable to the box, replug cable and get info
you will see SP Area is Repaired now, if not then it will be repair after writing RPL backup.

After successfully restore the PM 308 backup phone will on Contact Service/Retailers or full working phone with damaged Imei. In this condition when phone has damaged Imei: 12345610654321 you can write full modified PM (without 308 field) without using SX4, coz phone has not certificate (IMEI), therefor no need to use SX4.

Now we have to Restore RPL backup. If you are using JAF then Click on CRT Tool, now you will see BB5 Certificate Tool Window > tick on Write RPL Option and also mark on Plain RPL box, now Select your RPL backup and click on Write RPL button.
Get info now and see Imei is restored succcessfully or not phone should be on Contact Service/Retailer or fully working. . .

But if you are failed to restore the RPL backup, i mean phone Imei is still damage and phone show only Nokia and then shut Off in case now you Write blank_rpl and Flash again with Latest Firm Ware.

When it (flash process) done successfully then write RPL backup, get Info and see Imei is back or not, it (Imei) should back now, and your Phone will on Contact Service/Retailer, if Not and you got dead phone Please follow again all above erasing method.

Finally use SX4 and Write PM Field [1] and [309] (or full pm as you wish), now we have done all abt Software.
I think That's all. . . abt BB5 Repair with Erasing Method and we have confirmed now, phone has Software Problem or not.

All BB5 Full Modified PM Download Here:

All Nokia Latest Flash Files Download from Here:

_blank_RPL_ and BB5 Erase Files are Attached.

Thanks to Mr.stanner_austin (Chevli)

Best Regard's
Attached Files

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downloading is very easy from, open site > remove cover by clicking on Close button and then Press Enter and now you will be able for downloading Flash Files.

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