Huawei Ultimate *Firmware* *Upgrade Guide*



U8100 V100R001C151B231(India)

U8100 V100R001C169B228(Czech)

U8100 V100R001C88B231SP01(France VIRGIN MOBILE)

U8100 V100R001C158B221SP01(Sweden Expert)

U8110 V100R001C85B215SP02(Austria TMO)

U8100 V100R001C138B220SP01(Austria H3G)

U8100 V100R001C42B223SP01(Indonesia EXCELCOM)

U8100 V100R001C109B220(France Orange)

1. Copy dload to SD card

2. Switch off the handset ,then press "Volume Control Upper Key +End Key+ Power Key"

3. Showing successful 4. Remove battery one second ,then power on ,waiting till the OS start up

Normal Download

1: Copy dload to SD card 2: Settings Icon->SD card & Phone storage ->Software Upgrade

link here..

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