Xtc clip by all htc unlock all info detail


*** Unlock HTC Smart / HTC Rome (HBOOT-X.XX.XXXX - any version ) ***

Step A) Create a goldcard with unlock feature

1. insert MicroSD/TFlash card in your XTC-CLIP PLUS
2. select HBOOT version of the HTC Smart
3. click "Create Goldcard"

Step B) Unlock phone - (simlock, SuperCID, security unlock / S-OFF)

1. insert the XTC-CLIP PLUS Flex-PCB-SIM-Adapter in HTC Smart
2. attach battery to HTC Smart
3. attach battery or usb cable to XTC-Clip
4. press [CAMERA] + [Volume UP] + [POWER ON] (red key)
5. keep them pressed till the phone vibrates
6. You should see the message "SecureFlag is disabled! Please Reset Device!
7. power off the device
8. insert the goldcard from step A) in HTC Smart
9. press [VOLUME DOWN] + [POWER ON] (red key)
10. wait 10 seconds and phone will be load unlock software
11. Press [BACK] key to load the unlocker
12. Select 'CleanS58Data" and press [BACK] key
13. Press [VOLUME UP] key to confirm
14. wait 'Write SIMLOCK DATA OK'

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