CycloneBox Installer v1.17 with Xperia Addon and more

- SE Xperia Unlocker introduced (this is 3rd party addon)
Supported Phones :
Xperia X10 Mini - E10i
Xperia X10 Mini Pro - U20
Xperia X8 - E15i
Xperia W8 - E16 - E16i
Xperia X10
Xperia X10i
Xperia X10a
Docomo SO-01B
All These Phones supported without TEST POINT

- Added Real time SE Xperia Unlocker account Creator in 'Credits' tool. (This is the best option for Online web shop resellers as Addon works without Box)Reseller can generate accounts real time with box) 10 Cyclone credits = 1 Xperia phone log
- BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.40.00 Introduced
- Introduced previous updates (standalone and free Broadcom unlocking, RAPUv21, etc)
- PM Protection is now unticked by default
- PM Protection is automatically unticked during SX4 operations
- Full Erase for New Protocol APE phones fixed (wrong CMT Flash Device Index selected)
-Added New bright skin
- Minor changes and Bugfixes

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Best Regards
CycloneBox Team

Cyclone Box FREE and STANDALONE Broadcom Hash Read (07-12-2011)


Broadcom Unlocking (via LBF Hash Read)/SX4 Authorization/SD
Repair/etc is now fully FREE and STANDALONE, just simply as
previous models.
No internet connection and credits needed

Just to remind Cyclone is one box which support all of hashes
free and standalone now
This includes reading data from RAP3Gv3, RAP3Gv4, RAPUv1, RAPUv21
(world's first), Broadcom, XGold1, and shortly from XGold2 (maybe
free, maybe with credits, we'll decide).

No firmware upgrade is needed. Just run Cyclone and it will auto-update main exe + loaders.

Make sure you have latest installer installed, if not, grab one
Box Firmware version required: v01.82 (from Nov 12)

No Box Firmware Upgrade needed if u have that version (1.82).

Best Regards,
Cyclone Box Team

Cyclone Box Broadcom Unlocker Released

Added support for reading Unique Data files for Broadcom 21351 based
Nokia Phones
C3-00 RM-614
X2-00 RM-618
X2-01 RM-709
X2-03 RM-709
X2-01.1 RM-717
7020 RM-497
2710c RM-586
and more...

After read Unique Data you can:
- Unlock SP locks by reading LBF data
- Backup FULL RPL (including superdonlge) 100% Nokia-Like
- Repair corrupted Superdongle keys
- Authorize your phone with SX4 emulation inside box
- Detailed Security Analysis
- Downgrade this phones
- More ...

PS1 : Server connection and 10 credits (with 100 credits threshold) required to perform Broadcom Uni Data dump.

PS2: After reading uni data, all operations is standalone (just
likely previous basing upon cached data)

PS3: Server charged credits, but my phone got disconnected during
hash read operation, and hash not readen. What to do, what to do? If
your account has been charged, the data generated at server are
cached too... That means you can repeat process again (previously
charging battery, i.e.), server transaction will be succeeded and no
credits charged.

Box firmware v01.82 is required to use this update.
Software and loaders should be automatically updated.
In case if you have aborted your update process, and now having
problem with running app - you can download and place it in your Cyclone directory...

Best Regards,
Cyclone Box Team

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