Dfu loop solution for iphone 3gs

here is the fix for ur dfu problems,,..
Need softwares:
1. Tiny umberlla
2. Firmware 4.1
3. Firmware 4.3.3
4.redsn0w 9.6xxx
5 itunes

step 1.
Open ur tiny umberlla and start tss service
step 2.. Open redsn0w and select 4.1 firmware and conncet ur phone with dfu loop phone,, then just tick juest enter pwned dfu mode.. And finish it... Now ur phone pwned dfu mode.

Step3.. Now open itunes and restore with official 4.1 firmware.. Will flash ur phone and end with 1015 error.... And dfu mode again...

Step 4... Very important one now close ur tiny umberlla
step 5...open ur itunes now and restore with 4.3.3 official firmware (dont use pwned dfu now and dont use tiny umberlla.. This mistake lead us to dfu mood again)... Again ends with 1015 error and ur phone now diplay low battery symbol or recovery mode.. No problem...(if u have low battery symbol.. Wait to charge for sometime)

step 5... Now use redsn0w with 4.3.3 and tick and jailbrake it...

Struck while jailbraking ,,, now again repeat the same procedure

now ur phone will be activated and work fine ... Now use ultrasnow to unlock from cydia... Now ur phone is unlocked and untechred .... Reply me ....

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